Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Recalls

motorcycle recalls

While many motorists are familiar with recalls in their cars from products like Takata’s airbags, many consumers are unaware of the dangers of motorcycle recalls and the rights they have as motorcycle owners.

How Are Motorcycles Different?

With car recalls, the recall usually refers to a specific model or models that have a defective part or parts which need to be recalled and replaced. However, because motorcycles are highly customizable, individual parts can be utilized in nearly any model. Regardless of whether or not a motorcycle is customized, manufacturers have a responsibility to inform consumers of a recall.

Manufacturers will issue recall notices by mail, but consumers can check all current recalls on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website at any time.

A recall notice will contain the following information:

  • The safety defect
  • Which vehicles were affected
  • The events that resulted in the recall
  • A description of how the manufacturer will remedy the defect
  • A time schedule for the recall

Manufacturers are responsible for repairing or replacing the motorcycle defect at no cost to the owner. Whether you receive a recall notice in the mail, or find your recall online, the manufacturer must remedy the defect. This is usually accomplished by the consumer taking the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repairs.

It’s crucial that motorists follow the directions provided on the recall notice. Because some auto recalls could cause life-threatening injuries, you should only operate your vehicle if the recall notice states that it is safe to drive.

Used Motorcycles

Just like cars, used motorcycles can present hidden dangers. Because not all vehicles are repaired in the event of a recall, it’s important to do your research when buying a used motorcycle. Checking the VIN number at NHTSA’s website will quickly provide valuable potential recall information, but in the case of a customized motorcycle, more research will likely be required to ensure all the parts are safe.

Lubbock Motorcycle Defect Attorneys

The attorneys at Liggett Law Group know how a motorcycle accident caused by a faulty component part can be devastating. Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe products, but when they fail to do so, you can hold them responsible. Call the experienced Lubbock, Texas motorcycle defect attorneys at Liggett Law Group today if you were injured by a faulty motorcycle part.