Poor Training

How Does Poor Training Lead to Truck Accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to complete special training in order to receive a commercial driver’s license or CDL. This training aims to reduce the number and severity of truck accidents by instructing commercial drivers in proper driving techniques and safety measures. While most drivers are properly trained, as with any profession, there are a number of reasons why drivers would receive inadequate or incomplete training.

There are many truck driving schools that offer training for commercial driver’s licenses. However, many of these focus on graduating as many drivers as possible rather than producing properly trained drivers. This has been an ongoing problem in the trucking industry. In 1993, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned the public not to believe recruitment ads from certain truck driving schools due to false advertising. Despite this, many drivers still use schools that do not meet the proper requirements and provide inadequate training.

The companies who employ truck drivers are responsible for ensuring all drivers are properly trained and following FMCSA guidelines. Just because an individual receives a commercial driver’s license doesn’t mean they can get behind the wheel of any truck. These licenses come in several types, each with different restrictions on weight limits and truck types the driver is licensed to operate. Some trucks require extra training – like those utilizing air-brakes instead of the hydraulic brakes used in passenger cars.

New commercial drivers are most at risk for accidents because they do not yet have the skill that comes with many years of experience. Inexperienced drivers may have difficulty maneuvering winding roads or safely operating the truck in inclement weather. It’s crucial for truck drivers to be sufficiently trained in the following areas:

  • Road signs, rules, and regulations
  • Maneuvering large capacity loads
  • Proper signal usage
  • Managing logs
  • Turning, backing up, and other maneuvers
  • Driving on the road
  • Shifting
  • Driving different types of vehicles

Texas Truck Accident Attorneys

Trucking accidents can often be severe due to the size and weight of large trucks. If the accident was caused by the truck driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Dealing with the trucking company and their insurance carrier, who will try to pay you as little as possible, can be hard to navigate. An experienced truck accident lawyer, like those at Liggett Law Group, can make sure you get everything you’re entitled to. In all cases, our consultation is free and there are no fees unless we win your case, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling.