Swimming pool

Summertime Safety: Should You Own a Swimming Pool Cover?

Summertime in Texas means days full of sunshine, high temperatures, and any activity that provides relief from the heat. As Texans prepare to face another sweltering summer, they need to be prepared for the serious and unfortunately common accidents that come with the season. Sadly, Texas leads the country in fatal swimming pool accidents. According…

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Not at fault car accident

Not Your Fault? What to Do After Being Hit in a Lubbock Car Accident

Anytime a person is involved in an auto accident, it can be a traumatic experience. For those hit by a negligent driver, the accident can take an even greater emotional toll. Every year across the country there are more than six million reported car accidents. Many Texas drivers must commute over long stretches of roads…

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Motorcycle at sunset

The Texas Tort Claims Act and Motorcycle Lawsuits

Typically, lawsuits against government entities are barred by sovereign immunity. However, under the Texas Tort Claims Act, the government can lose its immunity for liability for certain claims, including personal injury. When a government employee operates a vehicle negligently – either their personal vehicle or a government-issued motor vehicle – the usually immune sovereign can…

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Motorcycle on dirt road

What Does the Texas Strategic Action Plan for Motorcycles Mean for Riders?

Texas is a beautiful state that offers motorcyclists plenty of open road to travel and take in the surrounding scenery. While riding across the state can is enjoyable, it can also come at a great cost. Each year, countless riders fall victim to the negligence of other drivers. While motorcycles make up only a fraction…

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Two alcoholic drinks

Drunk Driving and Motorcycle Accidents

Those who ride motorcycles understand firsthand the freedom that comes with riding on the open road. Motorcycle riders also understand that enjoying these experiences comes with a great deal of responsibility as well. In order for drivers and riders to coexist peacefully on the road, both must exercise good judgment when behind the wheel. Sadly,…

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Lubbock Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Pandemic Summer: Sharing The Roads With Motorcycles

As the new coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic continues into the summer months, many Texas businesses slowly reopening their doors. This new influx of places to go is sending many drivers back out onto the roads to support their local businesses and spend a little more time outdoors. With many drivers heading back onto Texas highways,…

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Lubbock Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Staying Safe Outside During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The impact COVID-19 has had on our daily lives has been staggering. Some businesses have had employees working from home or have had to close indefinitely, while restaurants have begun to offer to go or delivery options while dining-in is no longer an option. As Texas residents have been encouraged to avoid large gatherings, many…

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Lubbock Workplace Injury Attorneys

What to Know About Work Zone Awareness Week

When it comes to different work zones or jobsites, the number one concern is always safety. Many different events to continue teaching proper safety measures are available for both the public and industry leaders to help spread awareness about work zone car crashes. This year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week is currently upon us during…

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