OSHA Cell Phone Regulations

OSHA Cell Phone Regulations

With more computing power than the all of NASA in 1969 when it put two astronauts on the moon, cell phones have revolutionized how we communicate, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. Millions of people admit to using a cell phone while driving and some states have even passed legislation outlawing it, but what does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have to say about cell phone use?

The Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces national safety standards designed to protect employees from working in dangerous conditions. Recognizing the danger cell phones could pose to distracted workers, OSHA has passed several regulations regarding the use of cell phones in the workplace.

OSHA Cell Phone Regulations In The Workplace

OSHA construction standards state than any crane or derrick operator “must not engage in any practice or activity that diverts his/her attention while actually engaged in operating the equipment, such as the use of cellular phones.” While distraction while operating a crane or derrick could have catastrophic consequences, OSHA recognizes cell phones can also help operators and workers on the ground communicate. A crane or derrick operator may use a cell phone to receive signals, but it must be through “a hands-free system.”

What Are Employers’ Responsibilities?

OSHA states that employers cannot encourage employees to use cell phones while operating work vehicles. Employers need to properly educate all employees on best practices with tools, machinery, or hazards employees will work with or around. There are a variety of ways an employer’s negligence could cause a workplace accident. Negligent hiring practices, not providing the proper safety equipment, and inadequate training, among others, all put workers at risk. When an employer’s negligence causes a work accident, employees can hold employers responsible.

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