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New Technology Could Detect Drowsy and Distracted Drivers

Though fairly common, drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous factors affecting drivers on the roadways. In fact, according to The National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation can have similar effects on the body to drinking alcohol. In fact, being awake for 18 hours straight makes you drive like you have a blood alcohol level of .05— and .08 makes you legally drunk.

Even though drowsy driving is so dangerous, many drivers continue to drive without getting enough sleep. Luckily however, new technology may be able to detect both drowsy and distracted drivers.

Guardian Optical Technologies, an Israeli tech company, recently unveiled a unique addition to its in-cabin sensor for cars, a vision-based drowsiness and distraction detector. The company estimates 481,000 drivers use their cell phones daily while driving. Not only that but, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016 alone 3,450 people were killed by distracted drivers. On the other hand, drowsy drivers are responsible for 21 percent of fatal vehicle accidents according to AAA.

To protect drivers from both drowsy and distracted driving, Guardian’s “All In One” sensor detects activity from inside the cabin of the car. The sensor uses video image recognition, depth mapping, and optical micro to macro-motion analysis to scan the vehicle occupants. The newest capability of the sensor determines if the driver’s head position shifts in a way that suggests drowsiness or distraction. If a threshold for either state is met, the system sounds an alarm.

“The position of a driver’s head is an integral part of understanding whether the driver is paying attention to the road while also indicating if he or she is drowsy,” says Gil Dotan, CEO of Guardian.

It’s not just companies like Guardian, however, that are beginning to make these changes. Bosch, for example, makes a system that monitors steering irregularities to track driver fatigue. Not only that, but significant research has also gone into methods of utilizing the sensors we carry around with us most often—our smartphones, to monitor driving habits.

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