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New Campaign Aims To Curb Distracted Driving By Comparing It To Drunk Driving

If you receive a text message while you’re driving from a family member or your significant other, do you check it or even reply to it? Chances are you’d probably say yes if you found yourself at a stoplight or sitting in traffic. There are countless times where we find ourselves engaging in these distracted driving situations and don’t actually realize how dangerous they can be. Many researchers are now claiming distracted driving is comparable to drunk driving.

Recently, the AAA auto club announced its rollout of a new safe-driving campaign aimed at those who text and drive. AAA of western and central New York has found most people do think texting and driving is dangerous, with 90 percent rating the activity as a serious threat; however, spokesperson Lindsay Kensy believes this fact isn’t stopping anyone.

“45% of those people admit to using a cell phone while driving, either reading a text, or 30% admit to having typed a text.  So this distraction leads to death and injuries every year.  Nine people (on average) are killed every day because of distracted driving.”

The campaign, called “Intexicated-driving” displays a driver with children in the backseat, driving with a beer in hand. Trying to make the point that texting while driving is just as dangerous as drinking while driving.

Kensy says that while Bluetooth or texting through voice recognition might seem to be a safer option, these activities are shown to be a major distraction, especially while looking away from the road.

“If you look away from driving for two seconds, it doubles your risk of a crash, so it’s a very serious distraction.  And we have also found that if you look away from the road for five seconds, that’s equivalent to driving the length of a football field blindfolded.  So if you think about that, that’s quite a distance and who knows what could be in your path in that distance, what could happen.”

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