Mom Sues Lime Scooters After Daughter Left In Vegetative State


By now, we have all witnessed our fair share of electric scooter riders zooming through our town’s sidewalks and streets, some following safety rules and some carelessly racing by, but almost all are helmet-free. The increasing prevalence and popularity of electric scooters is bringing with it risks, dangers, and now even personal injury lawsuits. A recent incident in Florida led a mother to sue the Lime scooter company after her daughter crashed while using one of their scooters and following the company’s suggested safety rules, ultimately leaving her in a vegetative state.

The Florida woman was riding a Lime scooter on her way home from work in December, when she collided with a car just two miles after starting her journey. Family members report the crash threw her about 100 feet and resulted in broken bones and a serious brain injury.

The Lime app suggests riders operate the e-scooters on roadways rather than sidewalks, and the woman followed their instructions. Her family claims that because she followed Lime’s suggestion, despite the fact that Fort Lauderdale allows e-scooter use on sidewalks, she was catastrophically injured.

Dangers of Electric Scooters

Recent reports reveal there have been over 1,500 e-scooter injuries and at least two deaths throughout the country in the past year, and that only includes injuries that were reported. Many hospitals aren’t even keeping track. While the Lime app offers a safety video, “How to Lime,” there is no requirement for completing the video before riding and no requirement for helmets or practice before stepping on and zooming away.

Experts are claiming e-scooters are no safer than operating a motor vehicle or a bicycle, and present a special type of danger, as anyone with a smartphone can hop on and ride. The questions of impairment and helmet use seem to be of little worry for e-scooter companies and even for many riders.

Lime Scooters In Lubbock

This is of particular concern to us, as electric scooters are a recent addition to the city of Lubbock and appear to be everywhere now. Without any required guidance or safety lessons on operating the devices, Lubbock community members are left vulnerable to the dangers and risks associated with scooter use.

Lubbock Accident Attorney 

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