Lubbock Oilfield Injuries

Lubbock Oilfield injuries

Although current prices seem to have curbed some activity, the Texas oil and gas boom goes on and too many accidents happen. In fact, while drilling continues at an accelerated pace, the lower price has caused some oil and gas drilling companies to cut corners, which means additional pressure to use workers who lack experience and to implement unsafe equipment. Such an environment breeds workplaces with poor safety and a significant increase in the risk of Lubbock oilfield injuries to workers here and elsewhere.

This is not something that should surprise anyone; the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been reporting increased oilfield worker injuries almost every year since the beginning of the latest boom. Whenever something goes wrong in an oilfield, the aftermath can be tragic. Among some of the most common oilfield accidents include falls or collapses of the rig, rig blowouts, fires and explosions and equipment failure, often due to product defects.

And Lubbock oilfield injuries can be extremely tragic, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, serious burns, amputations of fingers, toes or limbs, or serious illnesses caused by the constant exposure to chemicals and other materials. And they can happen anywhere during the process of drilling, extraction, or anything else.

The problem isn’t limited to oilfields; in addition to increased numbers of work injuries from devastating accidents at drilling sites, there has been an increase in transportation accidents, with truck transportation to and from these sites leading to serious injuries not just to oil and gas workers, but to the communities in which these people work. A recent study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) showed that one of the largest causes of workplace fatalities in the oil and gas industry involves vehicle crashes.

In Lubbock and throughout Texas, oil and gas work is potentially dangerous and the workers in that industry need protection from its inherent dangers. Oil industry employers are required to follow OSHA and Texas state regulations and provide oilfield workers with a safe place to work. Under no circumstances should the oil and gas boom lead to a compromise in the safety of oilfield workers, regardless of the recent drop in prices. There is never a good excuse for an oil industry employer to risk the lives of those who make him a profit. Sometimes, oilfield injuries and accidents happen, but almost all are preventable by follow applicable rules and regulations and best practices and to thoroughly train each and every oilfield worker to do the same.

Lawyers For Lubbock Oilfield Injuries

If you or a loved one is an oilfield worker who has been seriously injured due to an accident that occurred while working, you need the assistance of a highly skilled attorney to get you the recovery you’re entitled to. At the Liggett Law Group, our Texas oilfield accident lawyers have years of experience handling cases involving devastating injury and wrongful deaths in the oil and gas industry in Lubbock and elsewhere in Texas. Please contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation.