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Lubbock Man Struck by School Bus in Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Tragedy struck this weekend in Lubbock, when a fatal pedestrian accident occurred. On Saturday, November 8th, 40-year-old Russell Ed Jupe ran into the street while chasing a dog and was struck by a school bus. The school bus was from the Amarillo Independent School District and was transporting 25 students to a swim meet in Lubbock at the time of the incident. This incident is a grim reminder of the dangers posed by vehicles on the road and the diligence needed when interacting with them.

Pedestrian accidents carry a higher risk of serious injury and death, as individuals have nothing to shield them from the impact of a vehicle. According to the CDC, 4,743 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. in 2012. With a high rate of injuries and fatalities, it’s important for pedestrians to take precautions while walking.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Carefully look both ways before entering the street. This may sound obvious, but this simple action is easy to pass over, and it can save lives. Even when drivers should yield to pedestrians, one inattentive driver can lead to a tragic accident.
  • When walking at night, wear light colored clothes and lights. Dark clothing makes pedestrians harder to see, and the use of a glow stick, reflective tape, or other light sources decreases the risk of being struck in the dark.
  • Whenever possible, cross at a traffic signal or crosswalk. Not only is jaywalking illegal, it’s also much less safe.
  • Be wary of cars that are reversing. Parking lots are also dangerous for pedestrians, and some situations may decrease a driver’s visibility, so they may not see a pedestrian until it’s too late.
  • When possible, stand clear of hedges, parked cars, signs, or other obstacles that could make it difficult for drivers to see you before crossing the street. If a driver does not see you waiting on the sidewalk, an accident may occur as you cross.
  • Sidewalks are the safest place to walk, but if one isn’t available, walk close to the curb, facing traffic.
  • Do not assume that drivers will stop. Even if the walk signal is on or other cars are stopped, some drivers may be distracted, inattentive, or in a rush and may not stop when they should. Be attentive when crossing, even if you should be safe.

Seeking Compensation for a Pedestrian Accident

In the event that a pedestrian is hurt or killed through the negligence of a driver, they may be able to hold the driver liable in court. The hospital bills and other costs from being stuck while walking can be enormous, and the victims of negligence should not have to cover these costs.

If you’ve been struck by a vehicle while walking, the Lubbock car accident attorneys of Liggett Law Group can help you through the difficulties ahead. With decades of experience in pedestrian accidents, we can review your circumstances and advise you on how to proceed. Our thoughts go out to those involved in this weekend’s tragedy, and we hope that it will draw attention to the importance of pedestrian safety, to avoid future incidents.