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Will Hands-Free Car Games Help Curb Bad Driving?

Most of us have experienced boredom and sleepiness while driving during road trips. The need to entertain drivers via podcasts, music, trivia, or car games with the family can be as necessary as gas for the car. Believe it or not, one company has taken driver entertainment a step further. Hands-free voice games are the latest trend to emerge and entice drivers while on the road. Though this new activity might seem like a bad idea that falls under the dangers of distracted driving, some studies have revealed the games might actually help prevent bad driving.

Drivetime released the new voice-based games for drivers, claiming they are not only safe, but actually help keep drivers focused and alert when driving for long periods of time. While there have been studies that prove interactive media can improve safety for drowsy drivers, many still wonder if this really helps curb bad driving all around?

Is Hands-Free Technology Safe for Drivers?

Of course we understand that as technology continues to advance, we must advance with it. Automakers are adding more and more safety technology and features in cars every year. Start-ups are developing new devices and entertainment avenues for drivers every year as well. While the general idea is to help improve road safety and driving experiences for drivers, some of these developments are actually causing more problems.

Researchers are just recently beginning to understand how drivers interact with automated systems in cars. Some have found that when it comes to making decisions and interacting with machines, many humans lose focus and don’t always understand how or when to respond. The idea of hands-free, voice-activated technology sounds good in theory, but what happens when drivers can’t get it to work and end up fumbling around with the equipment and taking their eyes and focus off the road?

Hands-Free Driving Can Still Be Distracted Driving

The fact is, while automakers and tech companies continue their attempts to improve driver safety via ideas like voice-activated games, hands-free cell phone, or GPS technologies, there will always be a major learning curve and distractions present. We have seen the data behind multitasking while driving. Whether it is playing an audio game, sending a voice-activated text, or following GPS voice instructions, not all drivers are able to focus on the road and retain or participate with audio systems at the same time.

Engaging in any sort of distraction while driving puts you, your passengers, and other vehicle occupants on the road at serious risk. It’s always important to test a car’s features and technology before you drive it. A safe driver should also avoid drivers that seem like they are multitasking or distracted while operating their vehicles. If you find yourself involved in an auto accident due to a distracted driver’s negligence, we can help. Contact the auto accident attorneys at Liggett Law Group today for a free case evaluation.