Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July Safety Tips

The entire legal team at Liggett Law Group is thrilled to help Lubbock celebrate the Fourth of July. However, holiday times often present more dangers, particularly for travelers. According to a new survey done by the Vacationer, 51 percent of Americans will be traveling this 4th of July. With an increase of people on the roads, it’s incredibly important for all drivers to drive safely. While it may be fun to enjoy a few drinks with friends at a picnic or barbecue, make sure to plan a safe ride home to avoid driving while drunk.

Whether you’ve only had one drink or you’ve had one too many, it is always safer not to drive after consuming any amount of alcohol. Make sure your Fourth of July checklist includes not only hot dogs for the grill, but also a sober ride home. The only red, white, and blue we want anyone to see this holiday should be from the fireworks and flags, not from cops and ambulances.

Celebrate the Fourth of July Safely

Drunk drivers aren’t the only danger over the holiday. We’ve compiled some Fourth of July safety tips to make sure your holiday is remembered for all the right reasons:

  • Fireworks: Fireworks can be extremely dangerous as people are often careless when handling fireworks on the Fourth of July resulting in serious injuries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 60 percent of all fireworks-related injuries occur in the two weeks before and after the Fourth of July. And it’s not just firecrackers and cherry bombs that are causing the problems; nearly a quarter of all such injuries come from sparklers and bottle rockets. Make sure you are a safe distance away and never point a firework at another individual. An adult should always supervise when setting off fireworks. Never allow young children to play with fireworks. Keep a hose or bucket of water close in case of firework malfunction or emergency. Also, make sure fireworks are legal in the area if you plan to use them. Texas might allow fireworks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your city, town, or county currently does.
  • Stay Safe in the Heat: Keep a close eye on sun exposure while out by the pool or drinking in the heat. For most people, Fourth of July activities include all-day fun at the pool or lake. If this is the case, make sure to use sunscreen regularly and drink water frequently to keep yourself hydrated. Staying hydrated can help you and your family avoid heat exposure or heatstroke. Reapplying sunscreen every few hours can help prevent serious and painful sunburns.
  • Be Smart When Swimming: Even if you are an experienced swimmer, never swim alone. Having a swimming buddy can help prevent drowning in unforeseen water conditions. If you’re in the ocean or a lake, watch out for boats and other water vehicles because they might not always be able to see you. In addition, consuming alcohol before or while swimming can increase your chances of being injured, so please drink responsibly and/or avoid swimming if you are under the influence.
  • Keep Your Food Safe: Unfortunately, our nation’s birthday hides another major threat, which comes in the form of food poisoning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nearly 50 million people get sick from food poisoning every year, and summer is the optimum time, because most foodborne bacteria spreads faster when food is cooked in warmer temperatures. Not to worry, though, because the USDA has some tips to avoid a trip to the hospital this Independence Day, including the use of a meat thermometer to make sure meat is fully cooked to at least 160 degrees and clean utensils that are not used to handle different types of foods. It’s also important that all food is stored at proper temperatures and out of what they call the Danger Zone, which means keeping cold foods below 40 degrees and hot foods above 140 degrees. Take your time when cooking so everyone can enjoy a great Fourth of July meal and not go home seriously ill from food poisoning.
  • Keep Pets Inside: This holiday is sadly one of the most dangerous for lost, injured, and panicked pets. Many dogs and other pets are distressed by the sound of fireworks. To best protect them, keep them far from the action by keeping them inside the house.

Lubbock, Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

The personal injury attorneys at Liggett Law Group want every Texan to celebrate Independence Day safely. We’d like to see no catastrophic local injuries on the Monday after a long holiday weekend. That can happen if people take the proper precautions. However, if you are the victim of someone else’s carelessness this Fourth of July, please contact the attorneys at Liggett Law Group today, so that we can look at the facts and help you get justice.