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Fatigued Driving Is More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get an average of seven hours of sleep each night, but only 21% of adults report getting between seven and eight hours. Proper sleep doesn’t just have health benefits – people who drive while they’re fatigued can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers.

60% of all adult drivers admit to fatigued driving, and an astonishing 37% admit to falling asleep behind the wheel. Not only is this dangerous for the drivers, it puts other motorists on the road and nearby pedestrians at risk as well.

What Makes Fatigued Driving So Dangerous?

When drivers are drowsy or fatigued, they don’t perform as well as alert drivers. Fatigued drivers don’t pay as much attention to the road, causing them to drift from the road, miss exits, or not notice upcoming traffic or obstacles. Even if fatigued drivers notice an upcoming situation on the road ahead, they have decreased reactions times, meaning they can’t brake or steer quickly. Additionally, fatigued driving also impairs judgment and inhibits a driver’s ability to make decisions.

The impairment a fatigued driver experiences is similar to the impairment of a drunk driver, but fatigued driving is more dangerous for a variety of reasons. While drunk drivers can be breathalyzed, there is no test to definitively determine if a driver is fatigued. The reporting for accidents caused by fatigued driving is incredibly inconsistent – each state has its own code for fatigued driving in crash report forms and some states don’t even have specific codes for fatigued driving.

With little or no police training to identify drowsiness as a crash factor and unreliable self-reporting, fatigued driving is incredibly difficult to combat. Fatigued driving can cause catastrophic accidents. If you’re feeling even a little bit drowsy, you should pull over to protect yourself and others on the roadway.

Lubbock Fatigued Driving Accident Attorneys

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