Driving Slow In The Fast Lane

Driving Slow In The Fast Lane

Most people know speeding is an incredibly risky driving behavior, but it isn’t the only speed-related driving behavior that can cause car accidents. Driving too slow can actually cause just as severe of motor vehicle accidents as driving too fast. While many people wrongfully assume driving slower means driving safer, the reality is driving five miles per hour slower than the traffic around you is actually more dangerous than going five miles per hour faster than surrounding traffic. This makes driving slow in the fast lane incredibly dangerous.

Why Driving Slow Is Dangerous

Driving slow isn’t always a bad thing; however, it can quickly become dangerous if the drivers around you are moving at a much higher speed. These faster drivers are forced to weave back and forth between lanes to get around you, and this greatly increases the likelihood of a car accident. Multiple slow drivers can compound the problem, making the roadways a dangerous maze for other drivers.

Driving Slow Can Be Illegal

The most dangerous place for slow drivers is on the highway. While many people know the left most lane on the highway is the “fast lane” for drivers traveling at greater speeds, too many drivers still drive slowly in the fast lane.

In Texas, driving slow in the fast lane is actually illegal. Under Texas law, “an operator of a vehicle on a roadway moving more slowly than the normal speed of other vehicles … shall drive in the right-hand lane available for vehicles.”

Driving Safely in Texas

Driving safely means reducing the likelihood of accidents. This means drivers shouldn’t drive too fast or too slow, but should instead mimic the speed of traffic around them. Things like leaving an assured clear distance, always using turn signals, and looking before turning or changing lanes are also a crucial part of being a safe and responsible driver.

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