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Drivers Are Over Relying On Safety Technology

Today, more often than not you’ll find cars on the roadways with some form of safety technology. If your car was manufactured after 2015, it likely has a rearview camera and even blind spot detection to ensure your safety while you drive. Though these implementations may seem like great ways to keep us protected during our travels, researchers are finding many drivers are relying on vehicle safety technology more than they should.

According to new research from AAA, in 2016 more than 37,400 people were killed due to traffic related accidents. This is a five percent increase over the amount of deadly car accidents in 2015. Jake Nelson, AAA director of traffic safety advocacy and research believes consumers failing to properly utilize new motor vehicle safety features could be to blame. “With advanced driver assistance systems technology offering proven safety benefits when properly used, it is important that automakers and others play a greater role in educating motorists about the technology available in the vehicles they purchase,” Nelson states.

Though many driver assistance technologies are now offered as standard in newer vehicles, many drivers are unaware of the limitations of these features. Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that nearly 80 percent of drivers with blind spot monitoring systems were unaware of limitations or incorrectly believed the system could accurately detect vehicles passing at very high speeds. When in reality, the technology can only detect when a vehicle is traveling within the vehicle’s blind spot and many systems do not reliably detect passing pedestrians or cyclists.

Not only that, but nearly 40 percent of drivers were unaware of the limitations of their forward collision warning and automatic emergency break systems. Drivers have been found to confuse the two systems and have incorrectly reported that the forward collision warning could apply the brakes in case of an emergency. However, this specific technology is only designed to give a warning signal, not to deploy the brakes. Roughly one in six drivers also reported not knowing whether or not their vehicle is even equipped with automatic emergency braking.

The overall lack of knowledge or understanding about the proper functionality of new motor vehicle safety technologies can lead to misuse and over reliance on these systems, often resulting in deadly accidents. About 25 percent of drivers using blind spot monitoring or rear cross traffic alert systems report feeling more comfortable relying solely on the systems, opting to not utilize manual visual checks of their surroundings for oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Lubbock Auto Accident Lawyers

If you were in an accident caused by another’s negligence, you should not be left footing the bill for your injuries and property damage. You need the guidance of our knowledgeable Lubbock auto accident lawyers to make sure your legal rights and financial future are protected.

The more serious your injuries, the higher the medical bills and the lower the chances you’ll be able to return to work quickly. A dire financial situation can quickly emerge for families. The situation can become even more complex if you are injured by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or who has insufficient insurance to cover your damages.

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