Deadly Chemical Plant Fire Breaks Out In Hood County

Chemical Plant Explosion

Last week, a chemical plant in Hood County caught fire, causing injuries to several workers and at least one fatality. While authorities are not yet sure what caused the chemical plant explosions, the resulting fire caused toxic plumes of smoke to be visible for miles.

Firefighters from Hood County responded to a call last Thursday morning of a fire at a chemical plant in Cresson, which is approximately 25 miles from Fort Worth. There were two explosions at the plant, the first occurred around 10:00 am and the second at 11:15 am. The explosions caused part of the building to collapse before noon. At the time of the fire, there were 12 employees inside the building. Because of the toxic chemicals stored at the plant, firefighters could not enter the building to fight the fire and instead waited for the fire to burn out.

Unfortunately, five days after the explosions there are still two small fires burning at the plant. Authorities are quickly trying to dismantle portions of the plant that were left standing after the explosion because there is still a high risk of them collapsing. Searches for a missing plant employee are still underway.

What To Know About Chemical Plant Explosion Injuries

Chemical plants manufacture and store a wide variety of hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals. Many of these chemicals require special storage instructions to keep them stable and inert, and when certain safety protocols are not followed, they can become explosive. While fires caused by chemical plant explosions can cause burns, many victims also suffer chemical burns that require special medical treatment. In addition to burns, chemical plant explosions also release toxic chemicals into the air. This means that any surrounding workers can inhale dangerous chemicals that cause a variety of lung injuries and other medical problems.

Know Your Rights After A Chemical Plant Explosion

A workplace accident like a chemical plant explosion is particularly devastating in Texas because many workers are not covered under the workers’ compensation system. This means that workers who suffer severe injuries are left footing the bill for the extensive medical treatment needed to help them recover.

At Liggett Law Group, we understand how workplace accidents can place a huge burden on you and your family. That’s why we work closely with our clients to protect their best interests and pursue maximum compensation. If you or someone you love was injured in a chemical plant explosion, call us for a free consultation.