Scaffolding Accidents Leave Construction Workers with Serious Injuries

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Common Causes Of Scaffolding Accidents

Although it might not seem like it at first glance, scaffolding is actually very complex. Each piece of wood needs to meet minimum requirements in terms of thickness, how much it warps, and a number of other imperfections. Even if a piece lumber makes the cut, it needs to be laid out in a specific way to make sure there aren’t any weak spots. The engineering of scaffolding needs to be extremely precise. When it’s not, accidents on construction sites happen and people get hurt.

Many people take shortcuts when supplying materials and constructing scaffolding, but pinching pennies increases the odds someone will get hurt. Sometimes the people that get hurt are individuals working on the construction site, but other times they are innocent bystanders who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Construction Worker Left Hanging From Building After Scaffolding Collapse

The city of Fort Worth witnessed a terrifying sight early this month when a scaffolding collapse occurred on a construction site. What was unusual about this Texas construction accident is how many people were there to witness it and take video footage. A marketing company was making promotional videos when its employees looked outside the window and across the street to find a man dangling from the side of a building. The marketing company and several onlookers outside captured the harrowing incident on camera.

While it’s not yet known what caused the workplace accident, the scaffolding incident involved a construction elevator on the exterior of a building. After hearing crashing sounds, onlookers reported seeing a man clinging to the ledge of a building. Luckily for the worker, he was wearing a safety harness that very possibly saved his life. Several other constructions workers pulled the worker to safety; however, the accident left three injured. The individual with the most severe injuries was standing under the scaffolding when it collapsed.

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