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Are Certified Pre-Owned Cars Safe?

Pre-owned cars have pros and cons. While pre-owned cars may be a more economical option for consumers, they could also be hiding expensive and dangerous mechanical problems. For this reason, many consumers choose to invest in “certified” pre-owned cars. Unfortunately this designation can be misleading, and several organizations are suing the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ban car dealerships from using it.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

The meaning of certified pre-owned, or CPO, varies depending on the dealership and type of car; but it typically refers to a vehicle inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer. This ensures the vehicle meets the manufacturer’s standards and is devoid of obvious mechanical issues.

What The Issue With Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

While CPO cars might be devoid of mechanical issues, there is one glaring flaw in the CPO framework – it doesn’t cover recalled car parts. In January 2016, the FTC reached an agreement with automaker General Motors, allowing automakers to certify cars as CPOs even if they contain recalled component parts.

This means consumers could purchase a CPO car believing it is safe, when it could contain defective car parts. Organizations like the Center for Auto Safety and others believe this practice is deceptive and dangerous. The group recently filed a lawsuit against the FTC to reverse the January 2016 agreement.

For cars with defective airbags or faulty ignition switches, the designation of CPO is deceptive. Defects such as these could easily cause an accident and could potentially be life-threatening. The lawsuit filed against the FTC alleges cars with recalled parts should not be able to receive a CPO designation in order to protect consumers.

It is unclear how the FTC will respond to the lawsuit, but it is crucial for consumers to understand CPO cars are not completely safe. Buying any pre-owned car can be risky. Consumers interested in pre-owned cars need to check to see whether any of the car’s parts have been recalled on the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s website.

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