CDC Warns About Electric Scooter Accidents


Electric scooters continue to zoom through city streets, and with this growing trend come growing reports of injuries. The problem of safety on electric scooters has developed into such a pervasive issue that the CDC sent out an official warning regarding how dangerous scooters can be.

The CDC partnered with the Public Health and Transportation Departments in Austin to analyze more than 900,000 scooter rides last fall. The results of this study revealed 271 people were involved in some sort of e-scooter accident that resulted in an injury.

Furthermore, roughly half of the people hurt in e-scooter accidents sustained a head injury, 15% of which are considered traumatic. These tragic incidents have left riders with injuries that range from cuts, scrapes, and bumps to being paralyzed, or even killed.

Dangers of Electric Scooters

The CDC study also reported that less than one percent of riders wore helmets, making the risk for harm or brain injury that much more serious. Helmets can mean the difference between life and death in an e-scooter impact. For this reason, it’s important to educate ourselves and loved ones on the safety measures needed to be smart e-scooter users.

Safety Tips for E-Scooter Riders

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Check the tires before you ride
  • Avoid slippery surfaces while riding
  • Concentrate on your surroundings
  • Be mindful of barriers or lane closures
  • Don’t ride during severe weather

E-scooter Accident Lawyer | Liggett Law Group | Texas

While electric scooters are fun to ride, it is extremely important to remember the threats they pose for riders. To ensure your safety on e-scooters, be sure to properly educate yourself before stepping on and keep the safety tips mentioned above in mind while riding.

Unfortunately, it is possible that circumstances out of your control can contribute to e-scooter accidents, especially if another driver is being reckless or negligent while operating their vehicle. If you or a loved one are involved in an e-scooter accident, it is important to obtain the proper evidence needed to determine fault so you can obtain financial compensation. Send us a message today for a free case evaluation.