Occupational Diseases

Most Common Occupational Diseases

Regardless of the industry or type of job, all workers are entitled to a safe workplace. Employers in more dangerous industries like construction or manufacturing need to take extra steps to protect their employees from harm. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous conditions for workers are not obvious, and can even be hidden in plain sight.

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Lubbock Construction Accident Lawyer

Tornado Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Texas is no stranger to extreme weather, and in Lubbock, people who work outside need to always be alert to weather coming their way. Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters workers face, and special precautions need to be taken to ensure workers stay safe.

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Wildfire Safety

Wildfire Safety At Work

Weather can often be unpredictable, so people need to prepare for extreme weather in order to prevent accidents and injuries. In Lubbock, extreme weather can include hail, tornados, dangerous droughts, and more. As we get closer to a hot Texas summer, it is important for employers to ensure all employees are properly educated about preventing wildfires and are informed about safety procedures should a wildfire start.

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Lubbock Workplace Accident Attorneys

OSHA Facing Lawsuit Over New Reporting Rule

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) believes all workers have the right to a safe workplace. To enforce this belief, OSHA has set strict safety guidelines all employers must abide by. Unfortunately, not all employers comply with OSHA regulations and several organizations are now suing OSHA over one of its new rules for workplace accident reporting.

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high winds

Safety Tips For High Winds On The Jobsite

Texas weather presents unique risks for workers in all industries. From hurricanes to tornados, there is no shortage of extreme weather conditions that can cause serious injuries. While many dangerous weather conditions are obvious, others are more innocuous. Severe wind can cause catastrophic damage to property and it can also cause serious injuries for those who work outside.

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Construction Safety Tips

6 Construction Safety Tips For Dark Winter Months

As days get shorter in the winter months, construction workers are exposed to new and unique dangers. Construction workers across the country will spend some of their working hours in the dark. The decreased visibility can be very dangerous for workers, and employers need to ensure appropriate safety precautions are taken.

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Construction Worker Injuries

Why Does Texas Have So Many Construction Accidents?

The state of Texas is known for many great things, but it has also gained a reputation for a high number of construction worker injuries. In seven out of the last ten years, Texas has had more construction worker accident fatalities than any other state. You might be thinking Texas has more work accidents and fatalities because it has more workers, but Texas has repeatedly exceeded the national average of workplace fatalities. So why does Texas have so many construction accidents?

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Chemical Plant Injuries

Types of Chemical Plant Injuries

Working at a chemical plant exposes employees to dangers not ordinarily present at the average worksite. For that reason, chemical plants are expected to follow strict safety guidelines designed to protect workers from severe injuries.

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