Lubbock Workplace Accident Attorney

Top Ten Workplace Safety Violations of 2017

Every year, thousands of workers are injured on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works to protect people from on the job dangers by enforcing strict safety regulations. Here are the top ten workplace safety violations from 2017:

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Refinery Explosion Lawyer

Refinery Explosion Reminds Workers Of The Dangers Of The Oil And Gas Industry

It’s been nearly a month since an explosion at the Husky Oil Refinery in Superior, Wisconsin injured 20 people and forced an evacuation of a nearby town. However, the signs of the explosion can still be easily seen as the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) tries to determine the exact cause of the explosion. While it will take some time to determine the cause, the explosion reminds oil and gas workers across the country that their industry is inherently dangerous.

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Work Zone Accident Attorney

Work Zone Deaths On The Rise

Texas drivers are no strangers to roadwork. As the state continues to repair and expand its roads, drivers need to remember to use extra caution when driving through work zones. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports that the number of work zone fatalities last year increased 9% over the previous year.

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Lubbock Jobsite Injury Attorneys

Majority Of Worksites Didn’t Submit Their Annual Injury and Illness Logs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency regulating and enforcing laws designed to protect our nation’s workers. Employers are required to submit reports when on-the-job accidents and injuries occur, and OSHA carefully monitors these reports to identify unsafe workplaces. However, this system only works when employers comply, and according to the agency, the majority of worksites didn’t submit their annual injury and illness logs for 2016.

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Chemical Plant Explosion

Deadly Chemical Plant Fire Breaks Out In Hood County

Last week, a chemical plant in Hood County caught fire, causing injuries to several workers and at least one fatality. While authorities are not yet sure what caused the chemical plant explosions, the resulting fire caused toxic plumes of smoke to be visible for miles.

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Lubbock Roofing Injury Lawyers

5 Surprising Injuries Associated With Roofing

Roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry, and it’s not just because they’re working from heights. Roofing exposes workers to a variety of risks, so proper safety precautions must be taken in order to keep roofers safe.

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Occupational Diseases

Most Common Occupational Diseases

Regardless of the industry or type of job, all workers are entitled to a safe workplace. Employers in more dangerous industries like construction or manufacturing need to take extra steps to protect their employees from harm. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous conditions for workers are not obvious, and can even be hidden in plain sight.

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Lubbock Construction Accident Lawyer

Tornado Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Texas is no stranger to extreme weather, and in Lubbock, people who work outside need to always be alert to weather coming their way. Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters workers face, and special precautions need to be taken to ensure workers stay safe.

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