Holiday Season

Top 10 Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

With the end of the year quickly approaching, families will soon be gathering to celebrate holidays across the country. As we enjoy time with our loved ones, however, it is important to keep everyone safe. In the bustle of traveling and holiday activities, it can be easy to overlook safe practices on the road and…

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Lubbock Auto Products Liability Attorneys

Texas Heat Could Cause Defective Airbags To Explode

Airbags typically make us feel a little safer when we’re driving on our commute to work or just down the street to get groceries. Unfortunately, there are times where airbags are found to be defective and could actually do more harm to us than good. For some Dallas residents, the risks associated with defective airbags are becoming a harsh reality.

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Lubbock Car Crash Lawyer

Four Reasons You Should Wear A Seatbelt

Seatbelts are the most fundamental safety features in cars and other motor vehicles. However, unlike airbags and other safety features, seatbelt use is entirely up to the driver or passenger. Many people hop into cars and start driving or riding without ever thinking about buckling their seatbelts, but this deprives them of the one safety feature that could save their lives.

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Automotive Recalls

Recall Round Up: The Latest Automotive Recalls

We rely on our cars to help get us where we need to go, but sometimes our vehicles are hiding dangerous risks. A variety of automotive recalls have been announced lately, and it’s important to check whether or not your car has been affected.

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Takata airbags

GM Still Fighting Over Takata Airbags

Takata airbags have been a problem for more than ten years now, but despite a plethora of evidence that the airbags are dangerous, General Motors (GM) is asking U.S. safety regulators to delay the recall of nearly 1 million vehicles.

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Car Seat

Is Your Car Seat Safe?

Because newborns and young children are particularly vulnerable during motor vehicle accidents, it’s absolutely essential that child safety seats meet all applicable safety standards. Unfortunately, car seats are sometimes sold with design and/or manufacturing defects that can put millions of children at risk.

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auto recalls

Largest Auto Recalls In History

Volkswagen shocked the world in 2015 when its diesel cars were found to not meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for clean diesel vehicles. Those 8.5 million recalled cars do not represent the first time American consumers faced large auto recalls.

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Tire Safety in the Summer Heat

In almost 1 out of 10 car accidents, tires are a factor. Low pressure. Wear. Defects. They all raise your risk of being in a car accident. What raises this risk even more is something that is very familiar to New Mexico residents: Heat.

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