Texas Oilfield

The Dangers of Working in Texas Oilfields

It’s difficult to overstate the danger inherent in working in a Lubbock, Texas oilfield; oil work is a difficult profession dealing with dangerous chemicals and sometimes difficult conditions. The inherent danger, combined with an oil and gas boom in which companies are trying to squeeze ever-larger profits out of each worker means there have been numerous accidents in Lubbock oilfields, leading to a great number of injuries and even some fatalities.

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Causes of Texas Oil and Gas Refinery Explosions

There is little doubt that workers in the oil and gas industry are toiling in one of the most dangerous industries in Texas and the entire country. These workers face a great many risks every day, but no risk is more potentially devastating and even fatal than the possibility of a refinery explosion. That is…

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Lubbock Oilfield injuries

Lubbock Oilfield Injuries

Although current prices seem to have curbed some activity, the Texas oil and gas boom goes on and too many accidents happen. In fact, while drilling continues at an accelerated pace, the lower price has caused some oil and gas drilling companies to cut corners, which means additional pressure to use workers who lack experience and to implement unsafe equipment. Such an environment breeds workplaces with poor safety and a significant increase in the risk of Lubbock oilfield injuries to workers here and elsewhere.

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