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Top Heavy Machinery Safety Tips for Incident Prevention

It’s no secret that construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 5,250 workers died on the job in 2018 alone. Heavy equipment, falling objects, electrocution, and getting stuck in-between or crushed by objects are risks these workers face on a daily basis. Safety…

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Construction Worker Left Hanging From Side Of Building After Scaffolding Collapse

The city of Fort Worth witnessed a terrifying sight early this month when a scaffolding collapse occurred on a construction site. What was unusual about this Texas construction accident is how many people were there to witness it and take video footage. A marketing company was making promotional videos when its employees looked outside the window and across the street to find a man dangling from the side of a building. The marketing company and several onlookers outside captured the harrowing incident was on camera.

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Tornado Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Texas is no stranger to extreme weather, and in Lubbock, people who work outside need to always be alert to weather coming their way. Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters workers face, and special precautions need to be taken to ensure workers stay safe.

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Lubbock Construction Accident Attorneys

Construction Accidents and Injuries

As the leading employer of construction workers in the U.S., Texas is home to over 100,000 men and women who climb scaffolds, operate forklifts, and fill all the other essential roles in building everything from new offices to renovating old homes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among the busy schedules and quotes to meet, workers also face a high risk of injuries and even fatalities. The U.S. Department of Labor lists 89 construction fatalities in Texas in 2010, the second highest workplace fatality rate.

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