Lubbock Reckless Driving Accident Attorneys

Reckless Drivers Collide With Buildings

Most motor vehicle accidents occur between two cars, but in some instances, one vehicle will collide with a stationary object, such as a guardrail or tree. Lubbock residents have seen a number of these strange accidents this year, with a couple happening just weeks apart.

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Fatal Texas Bus Accident

Justice Obtained For Victims of Fatal Texas Bus Accident

It’s been over one year since the devastating bus accident crash that killed 13 people in Uvalde, Texas, and although there is nothing that can bring back the victims, their families will at least see justice. The twenty-year-old intoxicated driver that collided with the bus has pled no contest to 13 counts of intoxicated manslaughter and will face a sentencing hearing in November.

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Move Over Law Attorneys

Law Enforcement Cracking Down On Move Over Law Violations

Lubbock residents may have noticed an increase in patrols last month. Law enforcement in Lubbock is making a huge effort to remind drivers about Texas Move Over Laws. In just one three-hour period last month, over 40 cars were pulled over on the loop for not obeying Move Over Laws. While drivers may not have been happy about the citations, the effort to enforce these laws could help save lives.

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Texas Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

Texas Bluebonnets Causing Distractions For Drivers

Texas is famous for its beautiful state flower: the Texas bluebonnet. As Spring takes hold across the state, bluebonnet fields are blooming. While many people cherish the beauty of the state’s flower, the Texas Highway Patrol is actually warning people of its dangers.

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Lubbock Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accidents Are The Leading Cause of Teen Deaths

For teenagers, learning to drive is an incredibly exciting time. While many teenagers take this responsibility seriously, other engage in reckless driving behaviors that put everyone on the roads at risk. It is crucial that parents and other authority figures impress upon teenagers the dangers associated with getting behind the wheel.

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