Why The Back Seat Isn’t As Safe As You Think

While it has long been commonly believed the backseat was the safer place to ride in a vehicle, new data suggests that is not necessarily the case. A recent study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found back seat safety features are significantly less sophisticated and efficient these days than front seat…

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Share The Road: Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Warmer weather is here and that means more motorcycles on the roads. While the joy of the ride is certainly obvious, the dangers that come with it aren’t always as clear. Did you know that more than half of motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. involve an accident with a motor vehicle? Motorcyclists are at risk…

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Speeding On The Highway Leads To Accidents

It is no secret that Texas drivers tend to drive fast, especially on highways. Despite increased speed limits over the years, drivers seem to consider speed limits more like suggestions rather than the law, as many drivers appear to be operating at least five miles per hour (MPH) over the speed limit, according NHTSA. While…

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Texting And Driving Accidents

Drivers Posting Pictures Of Accidents While Still Driving

Distractions while driving come in many forms. One form that many of us can relate to is slowing down to observe the aftermath of highway accidents. Despite the fact that it is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, this problem persists, and what’s worse is people are using their mobile devices to take photos of accidents while…

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Ban on Texting

Get The Facts: How Deadly Is Distracted Driving?

There are few driving habits out there as dangerous as operating a cell phone while driving. So why are so many people still doing it? The fact is, distracted driving is now an epidemic in our country, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and we’d like…

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6 Secrets Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

We all know how essential car insurance is. In most places around the world, you can’t even legally operate a vehicle without it. While the benefits of having car insurance are certainly clear, after an accident the auto insurance industry can make matters a little hazy, oftentimes leaving drivers feeling confused or left in the…

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road trip_1

6 Ways To Stay Safe During Your Spring Break Road Trip

It’s that time of year again: spring break season is here. While you might be excited to hit the road, reach your destination, and start relaxing, it’s important to keep a few things in mind during your lengthy journey on the road. To help you get to your vacation spot safely, we have provided six…

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Lubbock Distracted Driving Attorneys

New Campaign Aims To Curb Distracted Driving By Comparing It To Drunk Driving

If you receive a text message while you’re driving from a family member or your significant other, do you check it or even reply to it? Chances are you’d probably say yes if you found yourself at a stoplight or sitting in traffic. There are countless times where we find ourselves engaging in these distracted driving situations and don’t actually realize how dangerous they can be. Many researchers are now claiming distracted driving is comparable to drunk driving.

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