school zone accident

School Zone Safety

With school back in full swing, Lubbock motorists will frequently drive around and through school zones. School zones can be particularly dangerous for children, and according to the National Safe Routes to School Program, cars hit more children near schools than in any other location. Because school zones can be so dangerous, it’s crucial for Texas drivers to exercise extra caution when driving through them.

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fatigued driving

Fatigued Driving Is More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get an average of seven hours of sleep each night, but only 21% of adults report getting between seven and eight hours. Proper sleep doesn’t just have health benefits – people who drive while they’re fatigued can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers.

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text and drive

Who Texts and Drives?

Texting and driving is an incredibly dangerous distracted driving behavior, and it is a popular belief that teenagers are the drivers who text and drive the most. However, new studies reveal adults text and drive just as much as teenagers. The reality of texting while driving is that any driver, regardless of age, can text and drive and put themselves and other motorists at risk.

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How Seatbelts Were Born

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), properly using seatbelts can reduce the risk of serious injuries or death in a car accident by about half. Despite the potential to save lives, the adoption of seatbelts in motor vehicles took over 80 years. The first patent for a seatbelt was granted in…

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reckless driving

What Are Move Over Laws?

We’ve all heard the screech of sirens while driving. Whether it’s an ambulance, fire truck, or police car, the noise certainly gets our attention. But according to the Department of Transportation, over 70% of Americans are unaware of the laws regarding first responders on the roadway called move over laws. Texas Move Over Laws “Move…

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Poor Training

How Does Poor Training Lead to Truck Accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to complete special training in order to receive a commercial driver’s license or CDL. This training aims to reduce the number and severity of truck accidents by instructing commercial drivers in proper driving techniques and safety measures. While most drivers are properly trained, as with any…

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Motorcycle Injuries

Staying Safe On the Road – Common Causes of Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycles are fast, fuel-efficient and exciting. For these reasons, and the seemingly never-ending warm weather in Texas, we see motorcycles on the road regularly. Unfortunately, more riders on the road increase the number of motorcycle injuries and accidents each year, ranging from fender-benders at lower speeds to more severe, tragic collisions.

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