School bus safety is now a top concern for parents, as more than 50,000 school buses have been recalled nationwide due to a safety issue involving the seats, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


Halloween Costumes and Car Seat Safety

When you have small children, the hustle and bustle of Halloween can be a fun but busy affair. Getting them dressed and ready for school events, trick-or-treating, or Halloween parties can be tedious, which means the sooner you get them ready, the better…right? While it might seem like a good idea to have your child…

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hands free driving

Will Hands-Free Car Games Help Curb Bad Driving?

Most of us have experienced boredom and sleepiness while driving during road trips. The need to entertain drivers via podcasts, music, trivia, or car games with the family can be as necessary as gas for the car. Believe it or not, one company has taken driver entertainment a step further. Hands-free voice games are the…

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Running Red Light Deaths At All Time High In Texas

We all know that feeling we get when the traffic light turns yellow or suddenly red just as we are approaching the intersection. Most of us have been guilty of running a red light or two, whether accidental or not. While it can be an easy mistake to make and an easy habit to get…

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Texas school bus accidents

School Bus Laws in Texas: Do You Know When To Stop or Pass?

Now that school has started back up again, we can all expect to see more school buses operating on Texas roads. Of course, more school buses on the road means more traffic laws drivers everywhere must obey. The problem? Many drivers in Texas aren’t exactly sure when it is or is not okay to pass…

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Driving Safely Through Construction

You might have noticed more and more construction pop up in Lubbock earlier this month, particularly in the University Avenue area. We have all endured the potholes and damaged roads along this paved surface area, and frequently wondered when it would be fixed. Fortunately, a recent joint project emerged between City of Lubbock, Lubbock County,…

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What Hit And Run Accident Victims Need To Know

Car accidents are never pleasant, but in an ideal situation both drivers involved will pull over, assess the damage, and exchange insurance information in a timely, calm manner. Unfortunately this is not always the case. What happens when someone is hit and the guilty party drives away? What rights does one have in a hit…

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Lubbock Car Wreck

How To Get Teen Drivers Ready For The Road

When the time comes for your teenager to finally learn to drive, your mind might wander with worry and fear. After protecting them for their entire lives, it can be a scary thought to release them into the wild that is U.S. roads; after all, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for…

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