What Hit And Run Accident Victims Need To Know

Car accidents are never pleasant, but in an ideal situation both drivers involved will pull over, assess the damage, and exchange insurance information in a timely, calm manner. Unfortunately this is not always the case. What happens when someone is hit and the guilty party drives away? What rights does one have in a hit…

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Lubbock Car Wreck

How To Get Teen Drivers Ready For The Road

When the time comes for your teenager to finally learn to drive, your mind might wander with worry and fear. After protecting them for their entire lives, it can be a scary thought to release them into the wild that is U.S. roads; after all, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for…

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Unsecured Wheelbarrow Causes Serious Accident

We’ve all experienced the fear and nerves that come with driving behind trucks with seemingly loose objects in the back. Will something fly out and hit your car, or worse, cause an accident? Unfortunately, this happens all too often, with more than 200,000 accidents occurring each year due to debris or loose objects, according to…

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Attorneys Want Video of Distracted Bus Driver Released

A recent Texas school bus accident has several people involved requesting the release of a video that allegedly shows a distracted driver. Attorneys claim the school bus video footage would show the Oklahoma elementary school principal using his cell phone while driving students during a field trip in Texas. The school bus crash left 27…

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Lubbock Distracted Driving Attorneys

Texas Senator Pushing New Hands Free Cell Phone Bill

We’ve discussed in previous blogs about how distracted and even drowsy driving can be dangerous on roadways. By taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds, you’re putting yourself and other drivers at an increased risk of getting into a potentially deadly motor vehicle accident. Because of this, Texas lawmakers are pushing for more legislation that would require drivers to go hands free with their mobile devices when they get behind the wheel.

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Lubbock drowsy driving attorneys

New Technology Could Detect Drowsy and Distracted Drivers

Though fairly common, drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous factors affecting drivers on the roadways. In fact, according to The National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation can have similar effects on the body to drinking alcohol. In fact, being awake for 18 hours straight makes you drive like you have a blood alcohol level of .05— and .08 makes you legally drunk.

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Driving drowsy

Lack of Sleep Can Be Just As Dangerous As Alcohol When Driving

Whether it’s due to getting up early for the morning commute, staying up late working on a big project, or just simply not getting enough sleep—we probably drive drowsy more often than we think. Generally this wouldn’t be very alarming. Driving drowsy isn’t the same as driving under the influence, right? Unfortunately, in most cases…

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Lubbock School Bus Accidents Lawyers

School Bus Safety For Drivers

Traveling via the school bus system is fairly common among school age children, and even in some instances younger age groups. Each school day, many kids utilize these buses to get them off to class or to end the day. Though the school bussing systems seem simple enough, getting on and off the bus can also be a dangerous task.

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