Car Seat

Is Your Car Seat Safe?

Because newborns and young children are particularly vulnerable during motor vehicle accidents, it’s absolutely essential that child safety seats meet all applicable safety standards. Unfortunately, car seats are sometimes sold with design and/or manufacturing defects that can put millions of children at risk.

Recalled Car Seats

Graco Children’s Products shocked American consumers in 2014 when it recalled over 6 million car seats for a defect that caused the buckles to get stuck in the latch. The danger had the potential to be deadly. Evenflo recalled over 50,000 car seats just last month when it was discovered that a design flaw allowed children to loosen the harnesses when the car seats were in certain positions.

The Hidden Dangers Of Recalled Car Seats

The danger a defective car seat presents does not disappear after its recall; because, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), only 40% of recalled car seats actually get repaired. Because registration of car seats is completely voluntary, manufacturers and distributors of car seats don’t take the steps necessary to ensure that they can reasonably alert the purchasing public to the dangers their products create for American children.

Regardless of whether or not a consumer registers a car seat, it is the manufacturers’ responsibility to ensure their products meet certain federal safety standards. Because 60% of all recalled car seats are still unrepaired and in use, it is crucial that car seats are manufactured safely the first time around.

With so many defective car seats still being used, it is important for parents not to put their children in used car seats before checking to see if the products have been recalled. If you are unsure whether or not your child’s car seat has been recalled, you can visit NHTSA’s website to check the latest recalls.

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