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Bus Wreck Reminds Drivers To Use Caution When Driving In Rain

Texans are no strangers to inclement weather. The state experiences a wide array of weather conditions, particularly rainfall. While the dog days of summer might be very dry, Texas does experience torrential rainfall fairly regularly. With the regularity of rainfall, many people might forget how dangerous driving on wet roads can be. A recent bus crash in Humble, Texas served as a reminder of why drivers should use caution when driving in the rain.

Last month, an Humble ISD school bus was traveling on Will Clayton Parkway near Timber Forest Drive when it collided with a BMW. The bus and the BMW were driving through heavy rain and the roads were slick. Three people were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during the school bus crash. Fortunately, there were no children on the bus at the time of the accident. While investigations into the bus crash are still underway, it’s not hard to imagine the weather may have been a contributing factor.

Driving In The Rain

Although it’s safest to avoid driving in the rain, the reality is that it’s not completely avoidable. When drivers do have to drive in the rain or in other extreme weather conditions, it is extremely important to exercise caution. To help prevent bus accidents, drivers should keep several safety tips in mind:

  • Allow for extra braking time. Slick roads can make it difficult for vehicles to come to a complete stop. By allowing for a little extra room, drivers can make sure they have the space they need for braking.
  • Slow down. Drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles on slick roads, so reducing speed will help keep drivers in control.
  • Try not to make sudden movements. While this isn’t entirely in a driver’s control, swerving or turning too fast could cause a vehicle to spin out much more easily on slick roads.
  • Put down distractions and focus. While distracted driving is never okay, it is even more dangerous when it’s raining. Drivers need every ounce of focus to drive safely in the rain.

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Not all car accidents are caused by negligence, but unfortunately many of them are. Driving is a huge responsibility, and many people fail to keep themselves and others safe on the roads. Liggett Law Group can provide Lubbock car accident help by protecting your rights and pursuing compensation on your behalf. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.